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RSK Environment (East Africa) Ltd (RSK Tanzania) is a locally registered private company in Tanzania. This RSK-group company provides broad-ranging consultancy and contracting services in engineering, environmental management and sustainability planning that support the UN sustainable development goals. Since the company’s establishment in 2017, it has been providing consultancy and contracting services to a wide spectrum of clients executing small- and large-scale international projects in southern and East Africa. We engage with clients in the extractive, energy, infrastructure and agricultural sectors; complete projects to international safety, health, environmental and quality standards; and, if applicable, adhere to international lender funding standards. The technical delivery of services throughout RSK Tanzania’s African network is possible through the dedication and commitment of its in‑country professionals, including sociologists, livelihood development experts and environmental specialists, as well as water-resources, structural, geotechnical, mechanical and electrical engineers. These specialists comprise the basis of our three technical departments: earth sciences, civil and structural engineering, and mechanical and electrical engineering. We are supported by our partners and RSK’s global centre of excellence.


Collective power

Our ingrained local connections enable the business to thrive, in addition to providing access to the well-established professional networks that add to our core service offerings. We rely on and use these networks to maximise national and local content through on-the-project training. Our local capability also benefits from the international backing offered by other specialist entities comprising RSK. From the commercial capital city of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, the RSK Tanzania teams are executing projects across Tanzania as well as in several neighbouring countries, including Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Ethiopia.

RSK Tanzania aims to provide outstanding consultancy services by being competent, well-motivated and ambitious, and by hiring enthusiastic professionals. The company and RSK share a corporate culture grounded in nine principles that underpin day-to-day technical and managerial operations and overall business performance .

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