Ever wondered what it is like to be an intern at RSK Tanzania? Are you curious about what kind of career growth and opportunities our interns experience? Keep reading to find out what our creative Tanzanian minds have to say.


James the big brain has a few experiences to share

As an industrial engineering graduate from the University of Dar es Salaam, I can say my career journey has had discouraging events. I was at a point where I gave up mailing my job applications because of the countless rejections and ignored applications. I thought the only way of getting a job was either knowing someone or having a contact in an organisation; otherwise, the protocols were a bunch of formalities with disappointing results. However, it then occurred to me that during one of my industrial environmental management sessions, the lecturer mentioned RSK Environment (East Arica), a company performing well in Tanzania. Despite the Internet bundle being expensive and my jobless state, I spent hours studying the RSK website. Little did I know that a new chapter was ahead, and all I had to do was flip the page. I found the office manager’s number, dialled without hesitation and spoke for about ten minutes. Her response was short and clear: “Send me your CV, and I will get back to you.” It took only one week before I was sitting in the RSK office in Kurasini, Dar es Salaam, as an industrial engineering intern. As for my internship expectations, I am thrilled to be working with talented people and learning daily. I find myself lucky to be a part of this community because, in other companies, interns don’t really get a chance to work practically with their supervisors, so they don’t advance and become more competent.

At times I ask myself, what if I had never dialled that number? Obviously, I would still be on the streets doing God knows what. For almost a month, I have been part of RSK, and I would recommend this company to kindergarten kids who believe in their ability to do well.

The inimitable Noela has a message for you

I have always believed in and expressed myself as a unique character with a lot of potential to do whatever my mind thinks to be right. As I am a business administrator with no specialist subject, some will say: “You do not have a clear direction on your career path.” Well, have you ever heard me say I am born for one thing? Have you ever heard me refuse a task just because it is not my area of expertise? I believe that I can do anything under the correct guidance. RSK Tanzania is an opportunity-giving company; the real question is, “Are you a daring person?” Every single day I have been assigned new tasks and accomplished them with excitement, while craving more. Everyone is calm, friendly and caring. I am not saying this to gain favour from the company, it is the truth. Let me ask you a question: how many companies have you worked for, visited or even heard stories about that they have as much concern about their employees, in the sense that, even with a minor flu you are allowed to work from home once you’ve spoken to your line manager? Well, as an example, in African society generally, the flu is considered a lesser illness and not one to result in homeworking. But in RSK, an employee’s safety is the top priority. Even with slight drowsiness, you are allowed to work from home. This is a clear example of the concern and care RSK has for all employees. Imagine, as an intern, my opinions and ‘baby-career thoughts’ matter, so who wouldn’t feel safe in such a community? If you ask me, I feel safe and see a bright career ahead with RSK. To anyone reading this article, I say share it with your loved ones and let them know that RSK Environment (East Africa) is always open to receiving you warmly and will help you in your career growth.

Meet Neema Mariki, our expert graduate environmental consultant

Imagine an opportunity to take a free cruise to parts of Tanzania you’ve never pictured yourself visiting: so adventurous, huh? Despite how joyous it sounds, keep in mind that a lot of challenges come along with the package, but in the end, it is a lifetime experience. As an expert environmental consultant, it is part of my job to practice fieldwork, and believe me, with RSK Tanzania, my CV speaks well for my title. RSK Tanzania gives everyone an equal opportunity to work and be engaged in all organisational activities in a friendly environment. Feel free to join us. Together, we can do wonders.

The courageous Alicia has strong views on her internship

For someone wishing to develop their career, RSK is your company. I have had experience with a governmental organisation and there’s a huge difference. At RSK, all staff are well taken care of. For a new starter, the company makes sure that they are exposed to as many organisational activities as possible, both inside and outside of their expertise. Being entrusted with the most delicate responsibilities has made us more competent and exceptional. This characteristic is uncommon in governmental organisations. I am proud of being a graduate environmental consultant at more than my dream company. I hope that the RSK management team is impressed with my work.

Meet our RSK Tanzania interns
Meet our RSK Tanzania interns
Meet our RSK Tanzania interns
Meet our RSK Tanzania interns