RSK Tanzania has announced a further expansion of its specialist teams.

Recently, we were delighted to offer Geofrey Mutayoba a contract as a senior social specialist, which Geofrey readily accepted. He joined the team on Monday2 August 2021. He will be adding his expertise to help the team in supporting ongoing projects and tenders. Geofrey’s background is in academia and consulting: he has been primarily focusing on natural resources management, analysing crop value chains and engaging in various forms of socioeconomic surveys and analyses. Within RSK Tanzania, Geofrey will be involved in stakeholder mapping and engagement, social surveys, social impact studies and livelihood restoration planning. We welcome Geofrey to the RSK family. 

Connecting continents

In related company news, RSK Tanzania’s Edward Ezekiel, environmental manager and deputy country manager, has been seconded to the NEOM environment assessment project in Saudi Arabia in the Middle East as an environmental assessment specialist. NEOM (new future) refers to the planned crossroads city in north-western Saudi Arabia. The $500-billion futuristic megacity is planned to incorporate smart-city technologies and function as a tourist destination. Edward will work with colleagues from the Saudi Arabian government and third-party companies “in raising environmental obligations to satisfy the necessary requirements and controls for issuing environmental licenses, permits, and approvals for the NEOM project,” according to the Kingdom’s official press release.

Edward’s role involves coordinating the effective, high-quality and timely provision of environmental baseline surveys and monitoring programmes required to support NEOM’s ambitious and compressed development programmes. He will continue to support RSK Tanzania. He follows his colleague Regan Riwa, who was also seconded to the project. Regan recently returned to Tanzania after having completed a 10-week assignment during which he worked with RSK business WRc on inspecting an existing water pipeline using state-of-the-art technology. “I gained a lot of experience in the pipeline inspection process from upstream to downstream, including chambers. I was also exposed to Saudi Arabia’s culture, and I’m thankful to RSK for this great opportunity.”

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