Our corporate responsibility and sustainability (CR&S) representative from RSK Tanzania, Linda Kavishe, has been involved in a local community tennis programme for children aged 5–14 living around the Makongo Londa area. The programme was initiated by Majuto Majaliwa, a tennis coach and member of the Tanzania Tennis Association, with the aim of keeping kids off the streets and finding new talents. Recruitment started in Makongo Londa schools, where everyone with an interest could join in. The team has been playing every weekend ever since.

Linda was involved in the first session back in August and was delighted to get to know the children and learn about their aspirations and dreams as well as their potential. Linda herself was inspired by the sessions and the talent of the children and sought support from the group sustainability team to help fund tournament costs. “For me, I think, this is just another method of global learning that can be used not only in promoting sports and the whole package that comes with them but also as a platform where we can also talk about sustainable development goals and what they mean, continue with our STEM activities and so much more,” Linda said.

As part of the project, RSK funded a recent tournament, and the coach and children were delighted with the experience. “The sport brings a sense of confidence, belonging, motivation and hope to children, mostly because the programme serves children coming from hardship,” Coach Majuto said. “We are very grateful to RSK for sponsoring our trip to Arusha and enabling children to participate in big events such as the Masika tournament. We came first in the boys under 6, boys under 8 and girls under 12 categories and runner up in the girls under 6 and boys under 12 categories, playing against other children from Morogoro, Arusha and Nairobi junior tennis clubs.”

Hamis Kashindi (11), a member of the tennis club, said, “The sport is good; it helps me do well in school. My dream is to be a tennis champion in Africa and around the world.”

In addition to support received from the RSK sustainability team, RSK Acoustics CR&S representative Antonio Sanchez in Manchester, UK, has mobilised extra support for the children. RSK Acoustics is sending 15 rackets and some tennis balls over for the team to train with!

Supporting young tennis talent in Tanzania
Supporting young tennis talent in Tanzania