SUSTREM: The story of an East African team’s sustainability journey

RSK Environment (East Africa) Limited Office Manager, Nyangoma Mwesigwa, and Environmental Consultant, Linda Kavishe, will present “The story of an East African Team’s sustainability journey” at the “SustRem2021: Empowering sustainable land management for the future” virtual conference that will take place on 4–5 November 2021. This global conference will be hosted on the continent of Africa this year and presentations will cover nature-based solutions, groundwater and surface-water quality standards, and the clean-up of soil and groundwater.

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RSK’s presentation aims to show how our team are contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) through the employment and capacity building of Tanzanians in our projects. These include the clean-up of soil and groundwater pollution; provision of solar-powered, mobile-money water supplies in rural Tanzania; environmental and social impact assessments for infrastructure, water and renewables projects; and resettlement action plans and livelihood studies. In particular, the presentation will focus on the delivery of RSK’s sustainability route map, knowledge transfer and capacity building; this is concurrent with the clean-up of soil and groundwater across East Africa and includes core skills such as safety, health, environment and quality management to international standards; project management; and the technical skills associated with the manufacture, operation and maintenance of the works. We will also cover some of the challenges encountered along the way!

This worldwide conference is about empowering sustainable land management for the future, which is relevant to many people across Africa and the world. The two days will include everything concerning sustainability and how to contribute to the SDGs.