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RSK Tanzania offers consulting and contracting services, including environmental and social impact assessments (ESIA) and associated studies using leading-edge and contextual approaches and methods that demonstrate compliance with local regulations, relevant international performance standards and industry-specific best practices. We undertake resettlement and livelihood restoration planning for infrastructural projects, particularly those in the energy, extractive industries and transport sectors, and strictly adhere to international standards such as the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Performance Standards for environmental and social performance, the Equator Principles and the World Bank’s Environmental and Social Framework. As well as conducting civil engineering, geotechnical and topographic surveys, we also offer design, procurement, construction and supervision services for civils work and undertake geotechnical investigation projects; these include interpretative reporting on survey findings. RSK Tanzania teams are also skilled in pollution clean-up projects. We conduct contaminated site assessment and provide environmental services to clean up industrially polluted and contaminated land using environmentally friendly methods for treating soil and polluted groundwater. Additionally, we provide water resources engineering through our in-house expertise in hydrogeology, water resources assessment and development of water-supply and sanitation infrastructure.

Consulting and contracting specialist
Since the company’s establishment in 2017, it has produced ESIAs or resettlement studies and/or follow-on supervision services for large projects. These include developing a liquefied natural gas plant, the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline project, phase five of the Dar es Salaam Bus Rapid Transit project, the Tanzania Standard Gauge Railway project from Dar es Salaam to Makutupora, three wind farms, one solar plant project, three major water supply schemes, one nickel and one copper mine project. Our project-related deliverables have been discharged to international standards such as the IFC Performance Standards, World Bank environmental and social standards and the Equator Principles. Concerning engineering assignments, we have executed geotechnical-related work in a country-wide environmental pollution clean-up project for an international oil company. The project remit involved an extensive drilling campaign spanning a total of 19 polluted sites. We are also involved in supplying and installing solar-powered pumping systems designed for pre-paid services across 12 districts in Dodoma and Singida regions.

RSK Tanzania has delivered on projects spanning the energy, transport, water resources, extractive industries and agriculture sectors. We have operated across Tanzania and the neighbouring countries of Malawi, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia.

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