RSK Tanzania has invested in developing local capabilities to ensure it decreases its carbon footprint and supports communities. Throughout RSK’s presence in East Africa, it has harnessed local talent to add specialist services to its capabilities. Consequently, we offer consulting and contracting services in civil engineering, geotechnical investigation, water treatment, pollution removal and topographic surveys.

Our consulting services are twofold. Design covers foundation design, retaining wall design, slope stability assessment, ground improvement design, highways, earthworks and all civil structures. Additionally, we advise on different designs regarding the nature of the project. Our second branch covers construction management and supervision. Specifically, we work on civil projects and combine topographical, geotechnical and environmental site investigation to maximise information gathering while minimising expenditure. We also produce of interpretative reports on survey findings.

The multiple contracting service offerings include

  • supplying construction services on civil structures such as bund walls, retaining walls, concrete pavements and various other types of civil structures
  • providing geotechnical drilling work combined with groundwater investigations
  • conducting topographic and measured building surveys, digitising natural and man-made features, and GIS analysis, including geoprocessing and mapping
  • treating water and removing associated pollution and undertaking noise and air-quality surveys.

Geared toward health and safety

Our professionals and engineers, combined with our crane trucks, concrete mixers, compacting equipment, drilling rigs, water treatment and other machines, enable us to work effectively, more affordably and with the highest degree of professionalism and standards. We work to the highest workplace health and safety standards. Our commitment to a safety-based operating culture arises from a dedication to ensuring the health and safety of employees and maintaining clients’ health and safety reputations. We adhere to Uganda’s health and safety laws as well as to RSK’s company health, environmental and quality management system, which is certified to ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards. Owing to this professionalism and dedication to health and safety, we can work in any kind of environment, including high-risk areas such as service stations, depots and mines. Our services are tailored for our clients, thus enabling us to deliver high-quality and cost-effective projects.

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RSK Tanzania is part of the RSK group of companies

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