RSK Tanzania has undertaken strategic and project-level environmental and social impact assessments (ESIA) for various infrastructure developments in sectors such as water, transportation, power generation (especially renewables) and extractive industries. These have been led by international funding agencies and private developers. We perform ESIAs using innovative and contextual approaches and methods that demonstrate compliance with local regulations, international performance standards and industry-specific best practices. Our assessments include conducting specialist baseline surveys and stakeholder engagement to generate robust information on pre-intervention environmental and social conditions in proposed project areas. These activities enable fact-based impact analysis, responsive mitigation planning and the formulation of effective environmental and social management plans to attain environmental clearance from the National Environment Management Council while adhering to international standards.

Relying on in-house and country expertise
RSK Tanzania’s desk-based staff rely on their collective experience to prepare accompanying permitting plans that guide project proponents. To facilitate a participatory and multi-disciplinary process during ESIAs, stakeholder engagement includes local and expert knowledge and feedback from project-affected people and nongovernmental organisations. It consolidates inputs regarding baseline conditions, helps to optimise project design and encourages buy-in among potentially affected communities.

Our in-house teams of experts develop construction- and operational-phase environmental and social management and monitoring plans, in addition to environmental and social action plans. Moreover, clients can rely on our extensive experience of engaging with regulators and consultation processes following international performance standards.

Baseline studies and stakeholder engagement

Baseline studies are a vital aspect of completing ESIAs. We prepare detailed ESIAs that include comprehensive baseline studies that define the pre-intervention biophysical and socio-economic contexts of a given project area. Our in-house specialist staff regularly undertake terrestrial and marine biodiversity (including avifaunal) studies and air-quality and acoustics analyses. Our field operators test soil, analyse water resources and hydrology, and undertake landscape and visual impact receptors studies. We also have expertise relating to archaeology and our socio-economic research informs the ESIAs.

Data and research led
RSK Tanzania has an impressive in-house team of environmental, social and data specialists. We produce environmental and social risk assessments and data-gap analyses that help to ensure an optimal project design. We can also undertake widespread direct, indirect, cumulative and transboundary impact assessments, including noise, air, water, biodiversity, landscape and traffic studies as well as indigenous people, human rights, community, occupational health and cultural heritage impact assessments to prevent or minimise environmental and social impacts. Many of the assessments are requirements when conducting ESIAs that adhere to international environmental and social requirements.

Regarding engaging with stakeholders, we have decades of experience in the international arena in assisting project teams to obtain social licences; identifying, analysing and mapping stakeholder engagement plans and databases; and designing and implementing grievance management systems. We will also lead stakeholder consultations and public disclosure meetings throughout a project.

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