By combining our in-house expertise with that of the wider RSK group, we have formulated a cost-effective and immediate response strategy to contain and assess the immediate effects of pollution incidents. Specifically, we offer high-performance, economical, safe and environmentally friendly solutions for treating soil and groundwater pollution. We support clients through the process, thereby helping to minimise the financial costs. We own and operate the essential equipment required to lead the clean-up process. Our investigative skills cover safety, health, environment and quality compliance monitoring and reviewing site-specific remediation schemes. Additionally, our engineers conduct utility scans using cable avoidance tools, among others, to minimise potential damage to underground utilities and enable safe installation of remedial pipework and associated components. Our engineers will complete the drilling involved in developing remedial and groundwater monitoring wells and they will implement the remedial methods. Our teams are adept at installing, operating and maintaining the remediation systems that treat polluted soil and groundwater, thus effectively recovering free-phase, dissolved-phase and vapour-phase hydrocarbons.

Moreover, our range of associated services includes excavating decommissioned subsurface fuel tanks and piping (and subsequent reinstatement), constructing engineered bio-cells and using them for ex-situ soil treatment, and sampling soil, vapour and groundwater to international standards for quantitative analyses from the baseline verification stage through to the close of remedial operations. Along with specialist partners, we will validate sampling to demonstrate achieving the remedial targets.

Water resources engineering

RSK Tanzania is skilled in hydrogeology, assessing water resources, treating water, developing underground wells and developing water-supply and sanitation infrastructure. RSK Tanzania benefits from RSK’s history of delivering hundreds of water and environmental projects in more than 50 countries. We have created equipment and systems that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of water treatment and aquatic resources management. We have designed major water distribution systems that transport water to the people who need it the most. Our collection systems convert waste and stormwater. Moreover, in cooperation with our many partners, we manage floodplains and municipal streams and develop floodplain maps and management plans together with managing rivers and reservoirs for recreation, flood control, irrigation and other multi-use functions.

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